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Aliya Tour Packages
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Aliya Tour Packages is an incoming tour company and a team of like-minded travel specialists providing a tailored travel service for clients who wish to learn about new cultures, discovering new foods, finding those special items that aren't in every guidebook.

We provide a uniquely personal approach to discussing, creating and arranging your travel schedules, flights, itineraries and accommodation.

Our suggested itineraries might suit you, but no matter how well we design these itineraries, a custom-tailored tour package is going to fit your requirements even better.

We are not against group tours or fixed departures, in fact, many travellers tend to enjoy travelling with complete strangers, but we think that such tours are always going to mean compromise.

You are not like everyone else. Your interest may differ from other travellers based over Hotel selections, your sightseeing passion or even pace of a tour hence you may feel that on some parts of tour you are wasting your time or didn’t get the value for money spent on that package.

At Aliya Tour Packages, we value your time and money both and want your trip to be special. We are focused on creating holiday plans that are designed around your desires and dreams. Enjoy a hassle-free experience and leave the research and logistic in the hands of our professional team.

Our tours are not meant for celebrities only nor do we just create packages with business class flights and most lavish accommodation, in fact, it is always the less expensive features that make our trips special for someone like you who wish to truly get a feel of India.

We promise to always maintain that high level of service and we look forward to helping you plan a memorable and life enhancing trip.